Save time, get paid faster

We offer three electronic payment delivery methods: DataPath Provider Payments, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). Electronic payments are available to providers who submit their claims electronically.

4 Reasons to Enroll for Paperless Payments

  1. Enjoy faster payment turnaround times
  2. Receive priority referrals from HOMELINK
  3. Never worry about lost or delayed mail
  4. Eliminate paper waste

What is EFT?

EFT is the electronic delivery of funds from HOMELINK directly to your bank account. Providers who enroll with EFT receive priority referrals from HOMELINK.

We have partnered with ModalPay WorkCompEDI, experts in the execution of provider payments, to implement this payments program.

If you would like to receive ACH via ModalPay WorkCompEDI, please complete a brief enrollment process to confirm and transfer your current authorization to them.

If you do not register for the new program, the default payment method will be via virtual card payment. There will be a $2.50 charge for payment via paper check.

What is ERA?

ERA is an electronic version of a paper explanation of benefits (EOB) explaining claims payment or denial which eliminates the need to send paper information through the mail. In order to be eligible to receive ERAs you must bill HOMELINK electronically via your clearinghouse.

To Enroll:

PAYER ID: 30750

You will have two options to submit your claims and attachments electronically:

1. First, check with your existing clearinghouse or practice management system to determine if a route for the Payer IDs above has been established. If the route has not been established, you can request adding the connection by contacting them directly and notifying them of this change.

2. Then, if your current vendor is unable to establish a connection to the Payer IDs above through Smart Data Solutions, at no cost to you, SDS can establish a direct connection and/or provide access to SDS Provider Portal to submit your claims. Please contact Smart Data Solution Support line at 855-297-4436 to establish a direct connection.  

HOMELINK cannot enroll for you. This action must be taken by you with your clearinghouse.

What is DataPath Provider Payment?

DataPath Provider Payments is a secure virtual payment solution that delivers funds directly to your account through your merchant terminal. Once you register through the Provider Payment portal, you will receive an email each time a payment is pending. Then you log in to the portal to receive a unique 16-digit virtual card number and payment amount; the EOB/EOR is also available in the portal. Follow the directions and enter the virtual card number into your point of service terminal to receive payment immediately.

With Provider Payments, providers may keep their account information private since the payment is delivered to the account registered with the merchant terminal. Register for DataPath Provider Payments.

If you have any questions about the program or require technical assistance, contact us at (855) 209-8006 or email DataPath at